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Millennials and the American Dream

According to The Harris Poll, Gen Z/Millennials don't relate to the traditional notions of the American Dream as much. Nearly half (46%) of Gen Z/Millennials say the American Dream is not attainable and nearly a third of Gen Z/Millennials (28%) say the pandemic has made them rethink empathy and community as part of the American Dream.

Top factors of the American Dream today:

  • Living in freedom 
  • Being financially secure
  • Having a good job
  • Owning a home 
  • Democracy 
  • Getting a decent education 
  • Children do better than parents

How the pandemic has changed the American Dream:

  • Made living in freedom a thing of the past 
  • Made democracy look bad 
  • Reinforced shared national values 
  • Revitalized our national sense of patriotism
  • Made the American Dream a thing of the past 
  • Made homeownership a thing of the past 
  • Pandemic has not changed the American Dream